LifePlus Clinics Paul Hobrough Helps Chris Evans Get London Marathon Fit


Paul Hobrough, Sports Scientist & Physiotherapist, was live this morning on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show BBC Radio 2. Chris Evans is due to complete the Virgin London Marathon this weekend but has injured his calf. Paul advises Chris Evans and examines him live and will be treating him at LifePlus Clinics later this morning with treatments including using Shockwave Therapy. Listen to the show here Paul is on from approx 8.45am

We wish Chris a successful Marathon! Good luck to everyone taking part. 

Paul is a chartered physiotherapist and founder and Clinical Director of Physio&Therapy UK. He has a monthly column and online surgery for Runners World magazine. He is the lead physiotherapist for Lucozade Sport and has treated sporting elite such as Paula Radcliffe. Paul’s Clinic is now available Thursdays at LifePlus, 19 Harley St.

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