The treatment that gives you baby like skin

Baby Skin Laser LaseMD LifePlus Clinics

The Baby Skin Laser Treatment is a winning combination of laser technology and advanced cosmeceutical infusions that heals your skin from the inside!

When it comes to flawless skin babies always spring to mind, their skin is the pinnacle of perfection. How many times have we heard phrase like “baby soft skin”. Babies skin is free of pigment, sun damage, wrinkles, is even is tone and texture, has no visible pores, blemishes, dark patches, fine lines or wrinkles. What if there was a treatment that can give you back your baby soft skin? Acting as a preventative to all those things we hate about aging skin and even reverse them!.

Already big in the US and Australia LaseMD or the Baby Skin Laser is new to the UK beauty scene. This non ablative fractional laser provides a superficial resurfacing treatment that creates hundreds of tiny micro-channels in the skin. These tiny holes are then infused with LaseMD’s specially formulated ampoules / infusion serums that contain a variety of active ingredients such as; Ascorbic Acid which contains Vitamin C to promote healthy collagen growth as well as rejuvenation of sun-damaged skin, Retinol, which contains Vitamin A, to improve aging skin, Resveratrol to prevent UV-related skin concerns, such as photoaging, as well growth factors and more.

Why not just apply the infusions to the skin you ask? The skin is an excellent barrier and therefore hard to penetrate, topical creams and serums have a hard time penetrating the skin and thus have a low absorption rate. Creams are therefore nothing more than a surface moisturiser unless they can be absorbed effectively. The Baby Skin Laser is engineered to provide an ideal environment for the cosmeceuticals to be absorbed deep into the skin to heal from the inside out.

What does the LaseMD Baby Skin Laser treat?

The LaseMD Baby Skin Laser provides skin-healing , whitening and brightening benefits. Skin problems such as hyperpigmentation, melasma, dryness, lines and wrinkles, pores, blemishes, dullness and sun-damaged skin are dealt with effectively. It can be used on most areas of the body including the backs of the hands, a common place to have dark spots.

How does the LaseMD Baby Skin Laser work?

The laser roller is passed of the skin several times, each pass takes about 1 minute, so the treatment is over in as little as 15 minutes, then the custom infusions are applied to the skin and left to absorb.

Are there side effects to the LaseMD Baby Skin Laser?

This is a superficial laser so can be tolerated easily. The only restrictions following the treatment is to avoid sun exposure immediately after. The treatment is so fast with minimal side effects that you can have this done in your lunchtime. Light makeup can be applied a few hours after treatment.

Who can have the LaseMD Baby Skin Laser treatment?

The Baby Skin Laser safely treats all skin types, even darker skin and with minimal downtime! You may have a little redness for 1-2 days. The treatment also comes with a take-home infusions that prolongs the effects of the treatment, to be applied twice a day.

How many LaseMD Baby Skin Laser sessions will I need?

The LaseMD Baby Skin Laser can be used as a preventative treatment or to treat certain skin conditions with a little as 3 – 4 sessions. For maintenance the Baby Skin Laser can then be used once or twice a year for continuous skin rejuvenation.

LifePlus Clinics offer the LaseMD Baby Skin Laser Treatment, the latest technology from Lutronic, that promises to rejuvenate and refresh the skin by repairing skin from within. 

sarah campbell