No Limits Fat Freezing


CLATUU Alpha is our new non-surgical fat removal treatment that is able to treat any area of the body and the double chin. The CLATUU Alpha treatment users a non-invasive cooling procedure that targets and destroys fat cells whilst leaving surrounding tissue unharmed, making CLATUU Alpha a safe, risk free alternative to liposuction.

The dual hand pieces give us the ability to treat two areas of your body at once, making the treatments quicker. Generally, each treatment will achieve between 25-30% reduction of stubborn fat content in a particular target area of the body.

The Perfect Fit

Clatuu Alpha technology recognises that our patients have a variety of different body shapes, we can customise treatments with various applicators for any treatment area, including the double chin and knees. 360 degree cooling technology ensures even delivery of cooling energy to target all the fat cells within the suction cup evenly. Clatuu Alpha freezes to up to -9 degrees, the optimum temperature for fat cell death. Fat cells are then absorbed into the body and expelled through natural processes. Results are seen in 2 weeks to 3 months

During the procedure, you will feel a tingling sensation and the area go numb, you will be able to relax, read or use your phone. Once the procedure is complete the frozen area will be massaged, you will then be free to go back to your day. Most procedures last between forty and sixty minutes. Individual results may vary.

Treatment areas:

-      Double Chin
-       Knees
-       Axilla
-       Arms
-       Abdomen
-       Inner thighs
-       Bra bulge / Back fat
-       Flanks
-       Under buttocks
-       Love Handles

Treatment cost - £300.00 Per Area