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According to a survey from the British Association of Dermatologists a third of people in the UK who have tattoos end up regretting them. Luckily, tattoos are not as permanent as they used to be. You can now get rid of that unwanted tattoo with state-of-the-art Spectra Q-SWITCHED laser technology, with our highly trained tattoo removal experts. 

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Laser wavelength is applied to the inked skin, the ink absorbs the energy causing it to break down. The body's own natural healing processes removes the broken down pigment over time. the surrounding tissue is mostly unaffected, but not entirely spared, therefore tattoo removal can be a little uncomfortable for patients; ironically however not usually as painful as the tattoo itself!

A number of sessions are required to maximize results, this will largely depend on the size and location of the tattooed area, the colours used and the depth of the ink. As the laser attacks the tattoo, a light grey "frosting" appears on the surface of the tattoo, this is a sign that the correct laser energy was applied and the removal process has begun.

The industry is flooded with laser tattoo removal devices, but be warned! Not all devices are created equal and successful outcomes depends on a variety of factors, not least the quality of the device used and the training the practitioner has received. The Spectra XT device with its high power output and variety of dye hand pieces from Lutronic has become a gold standard for removing tattoos. We advise you do your homework on the technology on offer.




• Tattoo on all areas of the body
• Tattoos of all colours and sizes 


Individual results may vary




How long will it take to remove my tattoo?

The speed of removal depends on the patient and their tattoo

Does tattoo removal hurt?

Yes but bearable and typically less painful than having a tattoo

Will it leave a scar?

When a Q-switched laser treats the skin, it targets and breaks down the tattoo pigment in theskin. If pre-existing scarring is present, caused by the Tattoo artist, it will break down this pigment within thescar tissue. Once the tattoo removal process is complete, the ink will have been eliminated from the location butany of the scarring from the original tattoo is more than likely to remain.

Are there side effects?

Yes your skin will be sensitve and may have redness, tenderness, swelling, blistering, scabs and hyperpigmentation may occur. Our clinicians will advise you on possible side effects depending on your individual skin type. 




What does laser tattoo removal cost? Well this depends on the size of the tattoo, the area and the colours used.

Tattoo removal at our London clinic. 

 FROM £75.00 per session (up to 6 required)