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This break through technology is coming soon to LifePlus Clinics.

LifePlus Clinics are creating a partnership with Stem Cell Technologies to bring a step change to the provision of stem cell therapies in the UK. The new partnership, LifePlus Stem Cell Technologies combines the established clinical expertise and extremely high quality client management of LifePlus with the scientific, clinical and regulatory expertise of Professors Ash Mosahebi and Mark Lowdell; expert plastic surgeon and stem cell scientist respectively.

This partnership will be licensed for the regulated procurement of patient stem cells from fat or bone marrow to produce defined stem cell products as patient-specific medicines which will be banked and made available to the patients as requested for therapies which they choose.

These cell preparations are used extensively to reduce inflammation after orthopaedic or reconstructive surgery and appear to enhance the natural healing process in many cases. The LifePlus management team is excited at the development of this complementary clinical service and looking forward to working with Stem Cell Technologies Ltd for the benefit of patients.

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